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About IFV

IFV (French Wine and Vine Institute) stands as the preeminent French technical institute dedicated to research and development in the vine and wine sector. Governed by board members representing all facets of the wine industry, IFV plays a pivotal role in advancing applied research projects and disseminating technological advancements and expertise across the French wine sector.

Mission: IFV’s primary mission is to bridge the gap between scientific research and practical application within the vine and wine industry. Through the implementation of applied research projects, IFV strives to equip the French vine and wine sector with the latest technological innovations and knowledge, fostering sustainable growth and competitiveness.

Expertise: Comprising a team of 160 individuals, including 80 engineers, IFV boasts an extensive range of expertise covering every aspect of wine production, from vine plant selection to the final glass of wine. Our multidisciplinary teams specialize in vine plant selection and production, ampelography, vine diseases and protection, organic vine and wine production, agroecological viticulture, oenology, agronomic itineraries, microbiology, wine-making processes, mechanization, and robotics. Our laboratories are officially recognized for conducting agronomy and oenology trials and studies, ensuring the highest standards of research and experimentation.

Locations and Facilities: Established across 18 research centers strategically located in the main French wine-producing regions, IFV leverages its network to conduct experiments and research in field trials, wineries, and technological platforms. This widespread presence allows IFV to serve as a vital interface between industry professionals and research teams, facilitating the seamless exchange of knowledge and fostering innovation within the wine industry.

Role and Impact: IFV plays a crucial role in driving innovation and technological advancement within the French wine sector. With our strong innovating capacity and dedication to transferring research results to industry stakeholders, IFV serves as a catalyst for progress, ensuring that the French wine industry remains at the forefront of global excellence.


IFV contributes to the different Work Packages.

WP2: Data Collection, Processing, and Modelling
IFV contributes expertise to tasks T2.1, T2.2, and T2.4, with a focus on establishing protocols for the French UCP to collect data for the creation of AI algorithms aimed at pest and disease detection (Grapevine Leafroll Disease & Blackwood Yellows).

WP3: STELLA Platform
IFV participates in task T3.5, aiding in the design and evaluation of the STELLA PSS platform.

WP4: Use Case Pilots (UCPs)
ΙFV actively participates as a key contributor to the development of the STELLA PSS platform. IFV’s involvement spans across the entire process, including the preparation, planning, execution, monitoring, and evaluation phases of the French UCP. Specifically, IFV’s efforts are concentrated on addressing Grapevine Leafroll Disease and Blackwood Yellows disease within Alsace vineyards, ensuring the platform’s effective enhancement and optimization.

WP5: Policy Recommendations and Cost Benefit Analysis
IFV contributes to T5.2 by participating in the creation of a policy toolkit and roadmap to aid the implementation of the EU plant health legislative framework focusing on the adoption of digital technologies in the vine and wine sector.


Mrs. Séverine COUBARD