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Revolution in plant health early detection

with cutting-edge
digital technologies

STELLA aims to advance the current state-of-the-art (SOTA) in plant health early detection, territory surveillance, and phytosanitary measures focusing on RNQP and quarantine diseases and pests by exploiting, adopting, combining and evaluating cutting-edge digital technologies in agriculture throughout Europe and New Zealand.

Holistic digital system

Develop a holistic digital system to aid in the early warning and detection of pests together with a response strategy by using modern sensing technology and Artificial Intelligence.

  • 8 Experiments on existing pest models for the identification of important parameters
  • 95% Sound bait trap performance
  • 8 AI Algorithms exploiting the FLEX mission
  • 90% Biotic and abiotic stress disentanglement performance
  • 19 Novel AI models developed for pest detection and prediction
  • 50+ Image & numeric/ tabular datasets shared
  • 3TB+ Data collected across all input sources per season
  • >1.000 Crowdsourced images across Europe and New Zealand

Novel monitoring strategies

Develop novel plant pest monitoring strategies encompassing and fusing the latest trends and developments in AI, IoT, remote and proximal sensing.


Test and validate the performance of plant pest monitoring and recommendation solutions through real life UCPs in commercial farming systems and large, difficult to reach areas.

  • 90% Pest detection and 80% pest prediction accuracy per crop-disease combination at field level
  • 50% Reduction in cost of phytosanitary survey activities by using STELLA PSS
  • 80%+ Overall satisfaction of PSS platform rated as sufficient or better by users
  • 30% Reduction of infested areas (ha) as a result of timely notifications of STELLA PSS
  • 15.000+ Total users accessing the STELLA PSS platform
  • 150+ Stakeholders engaged in capacity building workshops (>25 per UCP)
  • 6 Synergies with other pest monitoring networks
  • 10+ Synergies with other EU and national projects
  • 5 Policy briefs supporting plant health policies
  • 250+ Policy makers reached through the Policy Roadmap and Policy Briefs


Strengthen the capacities of stakeholders in adopting digital technologies for early detection, monitoring, and plant pest prevention. Building synergies with established pest response systems, farmer cooperatives, CAP networks, organisations, citizen groups, and other projects to enhance knowledge exchange, while developing policy recommendations to support EU and Associated Countries' plant health policies and maximise the use of digital technologies for plant health.